Weekly Activities

Shishu Tots

A parent-toddler class, embodying the core essence of Shishukunj into a short weekly 90 minute session for 2 and 1/2 - 5 year olds. There are a range of activities, all aimed at providing a holistic range of development and with the subtle promotion of Gujarati and Indian culture. As always, learning through fun is at the heart of these classes and all the activities.


Each of our kendras provide a wide range of activities each week to meet the cultural and philosophical aims of Shishukunj. Our volunteers and parents play an integral role in delivering the highest quality of activities and work extremely hard each week to ensure that our children have the best possible experience whilst at kendra.

Shishukunj has 2 distinct approaches to organising its activities each week.

Samuh activities encourage all children to participate together irrespective of age. This means that our younger and older members learn how to interact with each other and work together to bring about a feeling of unity and family.

Gooch activities are structured so that children are divided into their individual age groups (often the same as their academic years at school). The handlers will then deliver sessions that address the precise developmental needs of that age group.

Prarthna, Bhajans & Dhoons

Our baalako are taught simple Hindu prayers from the youngest age in order to encourage them to develop a spiritual focus in their lives. In these sessions each week we also encourage those baalako with a musical talent, whether it’s singing, harmonium or tabla, to lead these sessions to build their confidence as musicians.


Our baudhik sessions are the medium through which we instil the qualities of honesty, fairness, compassion and respect in our children. This is done through telling children’s stories with moral endings, using Indian mythology like the Ramayan and Mahabharat or taking examples of historical and modern day role models to derive inspiration.

Games/Samuh Ramat

We teach our children both traditional Indian games and more modern competitive sport to encourage them to develop an appreciation for teamwork, competitiveness, leadership, agility and strength.


We use ancient fitness and art forms such as dumbells and lezims, to teach our baalako discipline, grace and coordination. These kawayat are also showcased regularly on stage at Shishukunj and external events.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)

ECAs are used to deliver activities to our children to broaden their horizons beyond what they would be exposed to at school or in other social clubs. Examples of typical ECAs include teaching our children how to do garba, create a rangholi, complete physical challenges, engage in debate on topical issues and participating in seva for the community.

Baal Sabha

We provide a number of opportunities each year for our baalako to showcase their talents to the rest of Shishukunj’s members. Whether it is playing an instrument, performing a magic trick or telling a joke, Shishukunj provides young children confidence building opportunities to perform regularly in front of an audience of 150 or more.


We offer a structured training programme to our teenagers in order to equip them with the skills and competencies to start leading our activities each week. A key part of development in Shishukunj is providing early responsibility to our youngsters so that they start to develop a more selfless outlook on life


Gujarati Classes

Gujarati is taught for 1 hour each week by experienced teachers. Our approach is one of learning through fun, via games, songs and stories, and aims to develop conversational skills. Older children are taught grammar and how to read and write. We also provide weekly support towards a GCSE qualification, which should supplement tuition received outside of Shishukunj.