Our Activities & Key Benefits

Shishukunj organises a diverse range of activities and events throughout the year. We have weekly activities at our Harrow and Finchley kendras; annual celebrations of major festivals including Navratri and Diwali and our eagerly anticipated Shibirs and Seva days.

Through these activities, we aim to provide our children with a holistic experience so that they develop physically, mentally, spiritually, culturally and socially. We believe that well-rounded children will have a positive impact on society as they become adults.

Holistic Development

Child is the father of man - which in simple terms means that today's children are tomorrow's future. .

A child's development depends on the environment. An environment that is rich in positive values and develops children physically, mentally, spiritually and culturally provides a foundation of decency and a moral compass with which those future adults approach daily life.

Shishukunj exists in London and around the world for the very purpose of encouraging children from the age of five onwards to discover and develop their talent so that they can positively impact the world and support the broader community. By organising its unique activities it seeks to nurture the ideals of love, compassion, respect, humility, simplicity and eventually leadership so that each child can aspire for greatness in a way that benefits society.

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