Other Activities

We organise ad hoc activities to supplement what we provide our children each week. Some of these events are annual whilst others are less frequent.

Jeevan Ghadtar Shibir

Jeevan Ghadtar Shibir (literally meaning 'life-moulding camp') is the highlight of the year, and is aimed at those aged over 10 years. This four day camping trip combines vigorous and relentless activities, and aims to encourage independence and self-reliance in every child away from their parents and home comforts.

Shishu Shibir

We introduce our youngest members (aged 6-9) to a one night camping trip in order to start planting the seeds of independence. Whilst we always have a few tears at the start of the weekend – as these children have never stayed away from their parents before – by the end of the trip nobody wants to go home!

Baal Din & Tri-Kendra Days

We organise fun-packed indoor and outdoor events each year to bring our whole family together and spend a day immersed in specially planned activities. A particular highlight is Baal Din which is usually held around 14 November in honour of Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday to reflect his special affection for children.

Initiation Weekend

This is a key part of the training programme that we deliver to our teenagers. They are taken away for a weekend to a focussed boot camp that provides them with a deeper understanding of the philosophies of Shishukunj as well as practical skills that will help them as they take on more responsibility.

Stage Shows

Shishukunj has written and performed a number of cultural productions over the years. Shabari in 1988 and Udan Khatola in 1998 were two of the biggest. We have also performed at various prestigious events including the BBC Proms and at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Celebration of Gujarat in 2005.

International Trips

From time to time we organise trips abroad to India and Kenya to provide our children with a cultural experience in these counties as well as exposing them to the seva projects that we finance. On each of these trips our children develop lifelong bonds with their fellow travellers and return with unique stories from their adventure.

Raas Garba

In the unique Shishukunj spirit, our children have the opportunity to take centre stage as singers and musicians as part of the Raas Garba band or participate on the dance floor at our annual Raas Garba event, all in celebration of Navratri. 

Sewa Day

In line with our objective to support children less fortunate, we organise an annual Sewa Day where our members get involved in creative and fulfilling activities together as a family to help other children around the world.