Jeevan Ghadtar Shibir

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Friday, 23 August 2019 to Monday, 26 August 2019
Hopehill Scout Campsite
Wrotham Road
DA13 0QJ

The Karyavahi Samiti would like to invite all baalako aged 10 and above to join us for an incredibly diverse, once in a lifetime adventure!

Jeevan Ghadtar Shibir (literally meaning 'Life Moulding Camp') is a four day camping trip which aims to encourage independence, and provides a unique life experience in which baalako engage in a variety of activities in a safe environment.

JGS will provide baalako with an opportunity to learn about the importance of leadership, teamwork and self-control as they tackle challenging but thrilling activities, whilst developing their confidence to try new things and develop key skills which will help them throughout their life.

'Have a look at last year's JGS video to see what we do! 

This year our theme is ‘A Race Against Time.’ We will be exploring how to spend our limited time on this planet, working towards a better future for everyone. Take a look at our first promo video by clikcking on this LINK

It's a great opportunity to meet our our bhaio and beno from both London Kendras, make memories and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

More information, including the kit list are below.

Start and End Date

Departure:          Friday 23rd August          07.00

Arrival:                Monday 26th August       18:00 

Meeting point:     Roe Green Park, Kingsbury Road NW9


Kit List - to be packed

Sleeping bag, pillowcase and camping mat 

2 pairs of Shishukunj uniform (white t-shirt and navy bottoms)

2 warm sweaters or jumpers (navy)

4 pairs of white socks

Extra Navy Tracksuit bottoms

Raincoat/waterproof jacket (hooded)

1 pair of extra sports shoes (white)

Reusable water bottle

Night clothing


Hand towel, soap

Bath towel

Wet wipes

Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb

Plate, bowl, spoon, mug/plastic glass (not steel)

Carrier bags

Torch and batteries

Notebook and pencil/pen


Updated: Sunscreen and hat

All items must be named. With the exception of the sleeping bag, all items should fit within one small/medium sports bag.  Baalako must be able to carry their own luggage.



Forbidden Items


Make Up

Mobile phones/handheld electronic devices/games

Sweets/chocolates/chewing gum and any other food

Playing cards

Audio devices


Aerosol cans




Rules & Regulations of the Shibir

  • No Shibiri may leave the Shibir site at any time without permission of the Karyavahi Samiti.
  • All Shibiris will be courteous and respectful to other members, the general public, and behave responsibly at all times.
  • The use of offensive language is strictly forbidden.
  • Shibiris will be held liable for any wilful damage to the site or to Shishukunj property.
  • Only food served on the weekend will be consumed. All food will be vegetarian. No dietary requests other than those for religious or medical reasons will be accommodated. Such requests must be submitted in writing by a parent/guardian with the application form.
  • No other items, other than those on the list above shall be brought on the weekend. Any forbidden or inappropriate items found will confiscated.
  • All personal medication must be given to the first aiders on arrival.
  • Shishukunj will not be held liable for personal injury, damage or loss of personal belongings.